The Plush ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Banpresto Quagsire UFO

Brand: Banpresto
Year: 2000
Size: 6.5in x 4in
Fabric: Soft, very short pill.

This guy is a fatty!
He also has some weighted beans in his butt which give him a nice feel.
I really like the colors of this one, but his face is even more derp than normal haha!
Squigle mouth!

Shiny Quagsire UFO

Brand: Banpresto
Year: 2001
Size: 7in x 4in
Fabric: Smooth and Shiny!

This baby is my favorite! He is so big and his features are so clean!
Plus the fabric has a nice texture and is shiny!

Hasbro Quagsire

Brand: Hasbro
Size: 4in x 3in
Fabric: Soft, short pill.

Look at those cheeks! LOL! Chub-sire!

Quagsire Tomy Beanie

Brand: TOMY
Size: 6in x 3in
Fabric: Terry Cloth.

I love this guy! :D His little bean filled belly is so cute!

Quagsire Friends Plush

Brand: Bandai
Year: 1999
Size: 4in x 2.5in
Fabric: Soft, short pill.

Friends Plush!
I really like this series of plush, they are so small and cute! I was lucky to get one MIB!
Though I'm terrible about keeping things in packages... its no fun to look at in a box!

Quagsire Chirimen Plush

Brand: Bandai
Size: 3in x 2in
Fabric: Chirimen, Japanese silky, textured fabric.

So tiny! and so ... Nazi? haha.
I love my little Nazi Quag, this little guy is super unique with his cool fabric and body filled with tiny pellets.
Look at that face! That's love.

Sleepy Pillow DX Quagsire UFO

Company: Banpresto

Set: Onemuri Makura DX UFO (Sleepy Pillow)
Size: Large

I feel lucky to have aquired one of these. I think his blanket diaper is realy funny but hes a big quagsire! what's not to love?

Big Bootie Quag

This guy is a bootleg. I was happy to find one never the less! He's a big fuzzy copy of the Hasbro quag. Mines a bit dirty, I may try and clean him. Either way he is super cute and  compleats my Quagsire Plush Collection.

The Figures ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kid Figures

Quagsire Kid figures are some of my favorites just because they are so cute!
The middle "shiny" one was painted by me... there's quite a story behind that one!

Chibi Pokemodel

I have no information on this figure line!

This guy is so cute and is one of the very fiew quag firgures with a variation in his pose! Just look at that foot :)

Quagsire Mini Figure

I have no information on this figure line!

This little guy was aquired as a compleat accident and was such a lovely suprise!

Big Fat Bootie

This I got off ebay, and the person had the image in the listing at just such an angle that I was really unsure of what I was buying... when I got him I couldn't help but laugh at how derp he is. No nose, no back spot, no tail ridge! Gosh those bootlegers must have gotten lazy!

Quagsire Lock

The Quagsire lock is what it looks like! A lock! My little Quag lock is fully functional and will keep all your important stuff safe.

Jakks Quagsire

Brand: Jakks
Year: 2010

This is the only quagsire I have actually been able to aquire at a store! I snagged him up at Toys 'R' Us and I love him to death. He is my biggest figure and probably my second favorite, only bested by the Zukan.

Quagsire Zukan

I absolutely LOVE this figure. Definetly the best and most dynamic quagsire figure.

Battle Museum Figure

Brand: Bandai, "Battle Museum"
Year: 2000

Quagsire In-Case Figure

It's a Quag in a Box! Other than that I don't know much about this figure. He's got a funny expression, he looks like he's got a funny secret.

Pencil Grabber

I don't really know what these figures are called but his tail moves and his grabby arms look like he could hold onto a pencil.

Stamp Figure

This is the figure that is suppose to top a quagsire stamp, but alas, the stamp itself has illuded me!

Quagsire Super Ball

This bouncy guy came to me from Europ. His rubber is a bit discolored with age, but hes his own unique figures and has quite the wide smile.

Tomy Key-Chain

Zombie Quag will get you! I think this pose is silly and I love him all the more for it!

Quagsire Tomy

Brand: TOMY "Battle Figures"
Year: 2000

US and Japanese release.

Squishy Figure

Eek, I was not sure I would ever get one of these since they are more *disposable* but Zenity hooked me up and I couldn't be happier! I love it, and do not underestimate his stickyness!

Metal Quagsire

One of my favorite figures, a Metal Collection Quagsire. These come in many colors and I hope to aquire more, but I am happy to have this one as it is my favorite of teh colors! 

I no longer own one of these, so if you see one for sale let me know!

The Misc ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


I am so excited to have one of these. This is a Quagsire Bound Ball and it's just the cutest little thing ever. I thought they would be like stress balls but they are made of a rubbery material and do not squish very much. Quagsire is so perfect for the roundness :D!

Stamp Case

When I bid on this guy I really didn't know what it was. I actualy thought I was going to get chapstick but to my suprise they were tiny stamps! 

It came with one little quag stamp and one Chikorita stamp :D

Quagsire Coin Purse

My newest addition!

This item was from Japanese UFO catchers back in 2006. I had never seen one for sale until I found this one on ebay!

I actually like it a lot more than I thought I would, he's a good size and stands well on his own!

Quagsire Marble!

I didn't even know this existed till someone messaged me asking if I was intrested and naturally I just had to have it!

For some reason I really like that it has his national dex number on it too :)

This little guy has been re-homed! If you see another, let me know!

Nintendo DSi Cover

I really love the graphic on this cover, it has almost all of my favorite pokemon, and the pokemon I use in-game. I was sad at first because I bought this not realizing that it was for the DSi not the DS so it didn't fit my systme, but I was able to get the right size one from ebay and now i have 2! Can't complain about that.

3D ID Card

Quagsire 3D card. The beginnings of a flats collection is coming :D look at him, he pops right out!

Zip Pouch

Another amzing hook up from Zenity! I saw these when I first started collecting but my scope was still small and passed up the chance at buying it and haven't seen them since! Zen let me buy her extra and im so thankful! its wonderful and look at those cute quag feet. I love art that has his fingers and toes white tipped!

Christmas Quagsire

Super cute Christmas Quagsire! This image was on some awesome pokemon wrapping paper.

Quagsire Battle Coin

Oops i forgot what these are called... anyway! Unique Quagsire art is so hard to come by, which makes me adore this 3-Dish rendering!

The Charms ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Quagsire Dex Charms

Here we have both the 2009 Johto Dex Charm and the newer 2011 Dex Charm.

I really love this guy, I have 4 of this charm total and have one that I take to work with me :) For a long time the 2009 charm was a grail of mine, but after the new release a lot more seemd to surface. I'm glad to have both sets even if the pose is the same!

Quagsire Swing Key-Chain

THIS! OMG THIS! This was a wonderful and suprising gift from Zenity herself. It was totally unexpected! She said that it had been given to her from a fellow collector and that she had since aquired another, so she was passing this one on to me! Now that's collector love :)

Rin's Quagsire Charm

This charm came in a small set of charms based on the anime's character Rin's pokemon! I got the set in a GA and bid even though I couldn't actualy see the quagsire in the image the GA runner had info that it was a quagsire, so for me it was kind of a blind perchase but man did it pay off! He, like the Swing, is a bit discolored from age, but so wonderful to have in my collection!

3-D Metal Charms

Super awesome metal charms picked up for me by Killmenecko on LJ. I love that they have backs!

The Customs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


This wonderful little guy was made by the talented Slothyshroom! He's made of minky and very well stuffed. His feets are super cute and he's very unique in that he is the only quagsire plush I know of with an open mouth like that! (and she drew me an awesome pic!)

Crochet Quagsire

This cute little guy was crochet by Jujufox. I just love his beady little eyes and smile!

She was even kind enough to make the toe and finger tips white like I wanted!

Free Hugs Quag

This quagsire was a first for a lot of things: First Quagsire Plush, First Custom Plush, First Art Trade! This was made by Hottiehulio and is what ended up leading me to PKMNCollectors! <3

Qaugsire & Ditto Stamps

I've always loved stamps so I had a few made.

The quag with the top-hat was made by the wonderful Zannid based on a drawing I did. So dapper that quagsire... do you see the other pokemon that snuck in that picture?

The speach bubble stamp was a commission from Etsy and I just love it! They both came out awesome.


A little custom paiting by Zenity! I just love this painting, it's so funny and the clors are wonderful. The picture dosn't do it justice!

Custom Pokedoll Tag

This cool little tag was made by Moguryuu! I love this little quag, I only wish there was a real pokedoll to go with it!

I clearly need to take a better picture though... I'll work on that.

Clay Quags

Customs from Foureyedalien (right) and Jensoxen (left)! I love both of these, so cute!

Custom Art by Wasil

So when I was buying my new iPhone I had this moment where I thought... I want a custom case! So I browsed DA though some of my fav artists and when I came across Wasil I knew I had found the right person!

The results are amzing. I really am in love w/this image. It's everything I asked for.

iPhone Case

Best case ever? Yes, I think so. I made a few small edits to the art I commissioned and then sent it to ShutterFly to get this wonderful case made.

I added the mon's names in Japanese and the symbol for water since, naturally, water pokes.

The case is of wonderful quality and I love that I have a case no one else dose!

Quagsire Parfait

This wonderful custom was made by Pattsun on LJ. I love the texture and his little smile. The work is wonderfly detailed and the texture makes it look so yummy!

Resin Cast Quagsires

These were a gift given to me though the PKMNC Valentine's Day gift exchange! They are cast resin and so amazing and unique! These were made by the wonderful MandySeley.

Quagsire Ornament

This wonderful sculpt was made by Jade (Foureyedalien on LJ and DA) as a Christmas Gift and I adore it. My only upside-down Quag!

Toedy Quag

This adorbs little guy was made by Toedychan on LJ as a partial trade. I love the pose :D it's very uniqe!

Ceramic Ornament

This beauty was made by Illumeee on LJ. It's made of ceramic and is absolutly perfect. I'm so happy to have commissioned her while I still had the chance!